Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You 'Ye (And Others)

I'm not gona front- lately i've had this song in HEAVY rotation. I will also not front once again and say that i was quite discrete about this. After all, a collaboration consisting of Jaime Foxx, Joc, and Pain doesn't exactly impel me...usually (I hope i don't lose the little bit of blogging credibility i obtained after this post).
As of recently, however, I'm pretty sure I can come out the closet-no homo-and say that this joint is a soon-to-be banger. Luckily i had these sorta well-known fellas to assure me:
And #3
Anywho, lemme know what you think bout the track.

Just when i thought I'd had enough of the Hip-Hop Epidemic (even P has jumped on that ish!) that is the Auto-Tune plugin artists have become enamored with, i came upon this and its hillarious.

Gotta Bounce...

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