Friday, February 13, 2009

Well Isn't This Awkward

Sonic's latest-and possibly greatest-mixtape dropped recently, but it sort of blended in with this month's mixtape frenzy-Drake, Tip, Etc- like a young 'Ye living in China (only kidding). Maybe he lost some credibility after even thinking of going at it with Soulja (Girl), who knows.

Anyways, this may be CH's premier mixtape yet. I've only just gotten through the tape, but the premise is pervasive throughout:

Dude is in love with Rhianna.

However (un)timely this piece may be, its worthy of your listening.


Those CB and Rhianna samples are oh so clever. LOL

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Atari said...

I honestly don't know what my opinion is on Chuck. I hate his flow, absolutely hate it, but I like what he has to say.

Oh, and he needs a big rebound after Rhymefest tore him a new one.