Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That acid he did at Fashion Week really affected Kanye

So this is the Welcome to Heartbreak video. It starts off like Sensual Seduction (or Sexual Eruption, whatever you're into) and I started getting nervous. I've covered my love for Kanye videos in all their pushing-the-envelop and unique glory ad nauseum. Alas, I could relax two or three seconds into the video as it was transformed into some crackhead-ish. The video also features the silhouette of Kid Cudi who, over the weekend, was tasered because of his intense love of Jordans.

Apparently the video was rushed out by 'Ye because
"We know there is another video out there using the same technique...we were forced to drop it now."

Which begs the question: Who the F&%K is doing a replica of this video?

Kanye West. Always staying ahead of the game.

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