Monday, February 2, 2009

Yeah, this is your Super Bowl MVP

We usually don't cover sports here at The Boogie, at east not as much as I'd like. I did correctly predict the Steelers would win, but it was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Yet, it still hurts for some reason.

When you become connected to an athlete, they become a member of your family and you can't help but feel undiscriminated joy when they succeed. On the flipside, though, there is nothing worse than seeing one of your favorite athletes come thisclose to winning the Superbowl, only to come up short.

I've been following Kirt Warner since I was 10 years old. Frankly, I feel lucky that I got to see him perform so well on such a big stage- James Harrison taint not withstanding. Still, it kind of sucks. I've been watching the highlights on SportsCenter all day and whenever I see Fitzgerald's slant-turned-touchdown, I keep thinking maybe this time the Cardinals defense will sack Rothlisburger on that 1st and 20 or 3rd and 6.

They never quite get to him.

But I can't be too mad. It was a great game. Even so, I did have a few problems with the game.

1) How the hell did nobody review Kurt Warner's "fumble" at the end of the game. Everyone thought it was an incomplete pass. After seeing the replay, everyone REALLY thought it was an incomplete pass. My theory? The NFL figured the Cardinals would- given another shot- end the game with an incomplete jump-ball to Fitzgerald and felt the fumble was a much better way to finish it. There is some merrit to this theory. Back in 2002, Adam Vinatieri's winning field goal came with clearly 2 seconds left, but someone decided to just let the clock run out. How can you pssoibly say that kick took 7 seconds?

2) The refs seemed to make every call go the Steelers way. On one drive, the Cardinals had 3 personal fouls that kept giving the Steelers first downs. If you watch the highlights, you can see 2 of them were bad calls. And as far as that holding call in the end zone that gave the Cardinals a safety? One, that was a good call. Two, the play before, Willie Parker got tackled inside the end zone, but there was mysteriously no safety called on that.

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