Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feels Good To Be Home...

After a week spent in NYC, I've noticed how good a feeling it is to come home. But, for those of you who wish to see the Big Apple in all of its glory, here's a few tips on what and what not to do with trekking through the city:

- Never get onto the subway with a pocket full of loose change. If a bum here's two coins rub against each other, he'll be on you like flies on shit in no time.

- If you go out to eat at one of the famous local spots, make sure you listen to how the locals order first. If you say one wrong thing in the time you have in front of the line, the guys behind the counter will not be afraid to send you back to the tail end.

- No matter how horrible they are, go see a Knicks game (yeah, I know the season is wrapping up). Madison Square Garden is one of the sports world's Meccas and needs to be on every basketball fan's list of "Things to do Before I Die".

- I don't really know how much Spike Lee hates white people, but he really is as short as we think.

- Do not set foot in the Bronx with a Red Sawx hat on unless you invisioned your death as a 30,000 on 1 fist-fight.

- As with the restaurants, cab drivers know when you're a tourist. Know where the hell you're going before you get in a cab.

- One more thing: Look and go into every record shop you see. Not only can you find gems (not just vinyls) for cheap, you can get rid of some of your old stuff by going to record exchanges and replenishing your collection.

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