Friday, April 18, 2008

HAHA... I didnt know this was real!!

Im sure you know I love The Boondocks and I thought this was a pretty funny episode:

Then I saw this at BlindI and it completely changed it. I now love this episode.

This makes me ask the following question: is anybody truly upset about this incident? The man isn't a racist, just really out of touch. I actually thought it was funny. What do you think? To see the entire episode, head over to


Anonymous said...

I am on the teachers side on this one. This has always been amazing to me. Why in the world to black people call eachother a word that they say is disrespectful to them. They use that world like its "dude" or "man", but white people are FORBIDDEN to use it and something like this happens. Tell that little black punk to stop calling white people niggas and this would not even be a problem.

Jah Rootz said...

Wah yuh a seh buddy? I have to agree with whomever commented above me. That kid, has painted this picture like he is innocent in all of this.

And I quote. "He tried to say that I said it, and know one else in the class knows that I said. -pause- Because I didn't."

From what I can gather the teacher seems very genuine...and well as a Jamaican I have been over exposed to how African Americans take that word with a grain of salt depending on who has said it. And in a society that attempts to not be would only be fair that all races have the same rights...

Lovity and Peace!