Saturday, April 19, 2008

Santogold's Debut

At the beginning of the year, I listed a couple of artists that would become big names in the music industry in '08. One of those artists was Santogold, a chick from Philadelphia with a fiery personality. No, I'm not trying to set you up with her, I just thought you might want to know. Regardless, the girl has been having an impact for a while, mostly behind the scenes. She was a writer/producer for RES' highly praised debut album, How I Do.

Now she is making her own music and her debut album is going to be released in a couple of weeks. But you don't have to wait because it's been flouting around the Internet for the last couple of days. She is similar to M.I.A. and that music is a little out there. I like it, but this isn't for the casual listener. Then again, M.I.A.'s last album was named Album of the Year by Rolling Stones so I guess the electronica genre has more widespread appeal than I first thought. Get the album here.

Check out her debut music video for L.E.S. Artistes. It's your typical hype/electonica/trippy ish.

All you need to know about this video is that YouTube user cohoba77 commented on this video, "Black women!!! " Kanye said Santogold was his favorite artist and Kanye
s never wrong? Is he?

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