Sunday, April 27, 2008

How'd This Guy Go Undrafted?

For those that don't really follow sports or are wise enough to buy into the ESPN-created holiday that is the NFL Draft, there are 252 total draft picks. Most of those players will never make an impact and a lot of them (mostly first-rounders) will make a boatload of money before even practicing for their new team. Yet a kid who ran for 7,871 career yards could not find a team. In case you were wondering, that's more yards than any player who ever played college football, at any level.

Sure, Woodhead played Division II ball, but who cares. Again, there are 252 players drafted. 0 of those 252 had a college career comparable to Woodhead's career. It's not like there are a whole lot of extracurricular issues Woodhead carries. He doesn't have any off-field issues and has a strong family unit.

Of course, scouts always weigh an athlete's performance in the combine more than their on-field performance. In keeping with the NFL holds something against this guy theme, Danny was not invited to the combine. 333 players were invited to the combine but they somehow did not have room for the most productive college tailback of all time.

Woodhead hosted his own pro day for those that cared and he posted some pretty gaudy numbers: 4.33 forty, 4.03 in agility drill, 38.5" vert., and 20 reps at 225-lb bench press. All those numbers would have been either best or second-best at the NFL combine. If a player dominates in a forest and nobody hears him, does he actually dominate?

So Day 2 of the NFL draft came and went and Danny Woodhead didn't here his name get called. Why in the world did no team want to draft him. There is absolutely no reason why this guy didn't get drafted, especially in the 7th round.

What are people's concerns? He didn't play against top-flight competition. Two Division 1-AA guys went in the 1st round. He's too small to take on NFL linebackers. At 5'9", 200 lbs., he is admittedly kind of small, but he's basically the same size as Reggie Bush and he got drafted No. 2 overall in 2006. He's a white player playing a position dominated by blacks. Wes Welker was the most productive wide receiver in the NFL last year.

The fact is every team in the NFL dropped the ball (pun intended). Actually, one team didn't screw up. The Jets signed Woodhead minutes after the draft was complete. Congratulations Gang Green, you just signed the greatest undrafted player ever.

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ryan seacrest said...

better than antonio gates and priest holmes eh?? why are u all over this kids nuts, he is not going to do shit in the nfl. He is gona be playin with the big boys of the nfl not that bullshit d2/highshool like competition. Come back in 3 or 4 years and lets see if you still think he is the GREATEST undrafted player of all time.
Spare me.

Seacrest out