Monday, April 21, 2008

Mock The Vote

Over the next few months, the presidential candidates will be campaigning endlessly to sway the vote their way, to win the White House. Barack, Hillary and Ol' Man McCain will visit retirement homes, diners and factories to get the vote in every middle-aged and retired area, but these candidates already are trying to reach out to the dreaded "18-24" age range that seems to kill every election.

While Stephen Colbert spent last week in Philly, both of the Democratic candidates made guest appearences. Hillary came in person while campaigning in Pennsylvania to fix some "technical difficulties:

While Barack made his appearence via satillite:

Sen. Obama will also make an appearence on The Daily Show tonight at 11.

John McCain has made numerous guest spots on Jon Stewart's show, even before an announced candidacy for the presidency. He will most likely make a few stops on the set before November's election, as well.

All of this late night campaigning is in effort to get the 18-24 year old age group to vote, by showing them every candidates soft and humorous sides.

To be honest, it's kinda sad to me. The fact that these politicians need to make fun of themselves to get people to vote, is almost the the opposite of what good politics are (not that I consider myself an expert; I'm far from one).

BTW, The Roots were also one of Colbert's guests in Philly (being as their a hometown group) and they performed (well, ?uestlove and Captain Kirk were) a Hendrix-esque rendition of the Star Spangled Banner:

Rising Down hits stores in 8 days.

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peep waymorefresher for the final copy of the beat goes on...................unfucking believable