Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If It Ain't Broke... Please Fix It

I have decided those in charge of college football have ties to the big four companies (Tostitoes, Fed Ex, Citi, Allstate). How else can you explain the recent decision to reject a plan to add a playoff system to the sport. The guys behind this decision threw out the typical excuses: it gets in the way of exams, it would make the season too long, it would ruin the tradition, it would take away from the importance of the super-important regular season games.

A) College basketball players have to take exams during March Madness, and guess what? They find a way to play the games AND take the exams. The players are typically put into private rooms and administered the test on a day when they don't play. There really is no difference between basketball players and football players taking their exams.

B) I get that a large playoff would take a substantial amount of time, but we aren't talking about a big playoff system. The playoffs would consist of 4 teams. Let me do the math... hmmm... that's an extra ONE GAME for the teams involved.

C) "Experts" put way too much emphasis on tradition. The only game that has remained traditional is baseball, and they even added the DH and interleague play. The NBA has added the three point shot, long shorts, fast-paced and high flying offenses, and promotion for individual stars. The NFL added instant replay, bigger receivers, pass heavy offenses, and even black quarterbacks (who knew??). The point is, things change, most of the time for the better. The guys in charge of college football think a playoff system won't work. Then again, members of the school board used to think segregation was a gimmick too.

D) Adding a 4 team playoff system won't make the regular season any less important, it's common sense. Currently, losing one game is considered a huge deal because it will ruin your team's chances of reaching their ultimate goal and, if you add a playoff system, losing a single game will still ruin your team's chances. Being in the top 4 team at the end of the season is near impossible and leaves a team with little margin of error. The only difference is, at the end of the season, players, fans, and coaches will have a chance to see which team is the true number 1 team.

I hate when people impede on progress because it requires change. Just like Hilary and Barack, every fan of college football should start campaigning for change.

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