Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How come nobody is wearing "SNL is dead T-Shirts"?

I wasn't old enough to witness the Will Ferrell era, much less the John Belushi era, so I am not the most qualified person to make the following post. I am fully aware of that and I am not going to pretend I'm an expert on SNL. However, the Internet has granted me free speech and I am going to utilize that.

People always say SNL is not funny anymore and it was so much better back in the day. A couple of years ago, I agreed with those critics and never bothered flipping on NBC late on the weekends. This year I started watching the show this season when LeBron James hosted and Kanye performed, and I realized the show was not dead. Sure, there are a couple of awkward sketches that should never have seen the light of day, but there were also some really funny and memorable routines. I kept watching it this year, partly anticipating some more witty sketches, partly to see some good live music (Gnarls Barkley brought down the house a couple of days ago).

Here are a couple of my favorite skits and digital shorts from this season:

This fall under the "I don't know why it's funny, but I'm laughing" category. I love when they crack on Juno.

This is from when LeBron hosted. Whoever thought this sketch up is a genius. Andy Samberg's impersonation of Zac Efron is pure gold.

Here is one from a couple of weeks back. If you've ever seen Christopher Walken, you know why this is funny. Keenan Thompson absolutely kills this at the end.

SNL is never afraid to go too far and this is an example. It's absolutely hilarious. Way too many people are worried about being politically correct these days. I was watching an old SNL show here a white guy tried to honor black history month. I almost died watching it. In this video, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson explain where Barrack explain the blackness scale.

Here is another one featuring Andy Samberg. He is the franchise player on the show and usually has the best sketches. Hot Rod was just as good as Superbad last summer and he clearly has a crazy sense of humor. Five years from now, people will say, "Remember when Andy Samberg was on SNL, that was when the show was funny."

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