Sunday, April 27, 2008

When Did Boat Shoes Become Hip-Hop??

I know this post is far from breaking news, but when did everybody decide boat shoes needed to get hyped. I've been looking around and it seems like everything is setting up for the deck shoes to explode like the Vans slip-ons did. I'm not saying they're better, I'm just saying they are going to be on everybodys feet by the end of August. Yeah, preppy sorority boys have been wearing them for a while, but now companies like Timberland, BBC, and even the king of slip-ons, Vans, are rolling out the yacht-boy fashion.

Thinking about it, I'm surprised they didn't become popular among the Hip-Hop high fashion crew sooner. They're perfect. They are something that can get a reaction for being out there, but they also look good if worn with the right supporting cast (namely with khakis or shorts and a polo). I kind of just went Ralph Lauren on you, but somebody had to.


Anonymous said...

in the picture what boat shoes are they?

Siempre Fresco said...

those are bbc deck shoes and are like $300. but u can get regular boat shoes that look just like those for $40 or $50.