Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baseball Players Have All The Fun

Why do baseball players have all the fun, you ask. Well, if you play 162 games every year, you realize that individual games aren't tha important so you lighten up. If I had to pick a sport to be great at, I'd pick baseball. I'd love hanging out all day, playing cards, having a beer with the manager, playing a liitle ball. Not a bad life. Plus, there is no salary cap, so that's a plus. What's that? You want further evidence that baseball players cn be more laid back that other athletes? Check this out. Courtesy of deadspin.

In case you didn't quite catch that, here is a closer look.

That's right: Mike Lowell decided to steal a fan's cell phone. In the ninth inning. In a 1-0 ball game. If you don't have to be serious in the final minutes of a one run game, do you ever have to be serious? If Mike Lowell was the sawx's third base coach, he'd probably trip Coco Crisp while he's rounding the base and heading for home. In the ninth inning. In a 1-0 ball game. In game seven of the World Series. With Boston trailing.

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