Thursday, July 3, 2008

People Who Like To Run And Also Like To Listen To Hip-Hop Will Be Intrigued By This Collaboration. I Promise. Well, Actually I Don't Promise.

Nike, which is on my list of companies that can do whatever they want and still be king, is teaming up with A-Trak, AKA the dude who does the DJ-thing at some of Kanye's live sets, to make a running album. The ditty will be released on iTunes on August 25th to promote some sort of running event on August 31st (which is my birthday so I will celebrate by not running). I don't care about this "sport" they call jogging (pronounced "yogging." The J is silent for all you ignorant fools out there.) However, I am a big fan of music and I'm pretty excited about what A-Trak is going to do with this. One track that did not make the list featured Lupe and it can be found in the archives of Ye's blog. I've been gone for a while so, chances are, you already have listened to it. Also, Nike and A-Trak launched a site to get everyone hyped. Check it out here.

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