Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm 6'5", 200-plus and so sexy

I saw this over at illroots. What you are looking at is a pissed off Travis McCoy-of Gym Class Heroes- beating a fan down in the front row at Warped Tour. If you look closely, you can see Travis is pounding the dude's head with his mic. McCoy got charged with third-degree assault (obviously) but was let out on bail. I have two jokes here but can't decide which direction to go so I'll use them both, kind of like alternate endings on a DVD:
A) Lyricists like Nas and Eminem said that mics were their weapons, I just always assumed they were speaking metaphorically. So much for that.
B) Their are so many scary looking rappers out there, and the dude who sings "Cupid's Chokehold" is the one who assaults a fan on stage? That's who just outdid DMX?

Ok, the jokes weren't that good. They sounded better in my head than in writing.

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