Saturday, July 5, 2008

Did the Invincible Summer Die?

Two months ago, I was pretty excited about all the albums coming out this summer. On Wikipedia (where people like me spend hours looking up information that is most likely false), I saw some good stuff. Seeing Sounds and Tha Carter III was a great start. Sure Tha Carter III was a dissapointment for most heads out there, but I'm still listening to Dr. Carter and Tie My Hands. As far as Seeing Sounds is concerned, it was everything I hoped and expected in an N.E.R.D. album. Was it for everyone? No, not even close. But it was for me, and that is the only person I care about when it comes to buying music (I'm also the only person I care about in general, which explains why I never get anyone else Christmas gifts but still expect presents on my birthday. Just kidding. But seriously, I'm aweful about that. Just ask my brother. Regardless, my birthday is coming up so I expect big things from my family... assuming you are reading this.).
Beyond that, I was looking forward to seeing the works of Common, Gym Class Heroes, and Busta Rhymes. For those that didn't know, Common's Invincible Summer is ironically being pushed back to September. Also, Gym Class Heroes new album (AKA. The Quilt) is looking to join Common in September. Then again, with Travis' recent fight club aspirations (scroll down for more info), that album could very well be in jeopardy altogether. On the bright side, Busta Rhymes' Blessed is scheduled for launch in "mid-late August." For those that don't know what "mid-late August" means, Blessed will hit shelves in early September. I would be more depressed, but I found this gem on illroots. It features Busta, Lil Wayne, and the only rapper who seeks musical inspiration in an Austin Powers flick, Ludacris.

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